Battlefield magic

Date: Thu 15 Jan 1998 - 19:42:56 EET

Hi all

+charge of the cataphract
After reading Peter's post on this subject, I'll adopt the spell as it is
As I see it, cavalry under this spell charge in 3 steps:
- -they advance at a trot until around 50m of the infantry
- -they slow in order to check if they have a chance to break the line
without dying (ie the dead will lead the charge)
- -they crash into the line just after the dead have disordered it.

+regimental spirits
Pole Star is a god of generals because he is the lord general of the sky
armies. Besides he gives useful magic for a general, as seen in Tarsh
Wars. His other magics help to coordinate the troops as he coordinate the
movements of the stars around him.
I think that it is Arraz, king of the luxites, who lends regimental
spirits to solar regiments.
Since not all of the units have such a spirit, I think it is difficult to
gain one. The emperor of Dara Happa could award one to a regiment as a
prize for having shown valour beyond the call of duty.

The Red Emperor being an avatar of both Antirius and Rufelza can grant
such a spirit to a lunar regiment.

Argrath made pacts with friendly spirits.

+magician regiment
The number of magician a country can afford to lose in battle depends on
the total number of magicians available. Dara Happa with a huge
population and a great wealth can afford to maintain hundreds of priests
in the army.

I agree with Robert McArthur that around 100 priests per regiment seems a
better number than 500, I'll have to scale the effects with the new

The ritual to link the magicians is indeed "imperial" in Kralorela,as the
dragon emperor is the soul of the nation.
For the Teshnans, since they worship Zitro Argon/Dayzatar, I think that a
stellar way of doing thing is possible.

+Yara Aranis avilry
After thinking about it, I propose that the cult of Yara Aranis maintain
the third Daughter's lancer regiment.
They ride augners (Rufelza brought back the birds).
It allows the troopers to be both horse haters and horse eaters.
Besides the horse magic of the Pentans is ineffective against them.



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