Poisoned Shore, Falabdur Line

From: Dave Black (dav_blak@cyberus.ca)
Date: Fri 16 Jan 1998 - 04:37:42 EET

I'm wondering if anyone knows details about the "Poisoned Shore" area along
the southern edge of the Wastes. It appears on the map in the middle of the
Book of Drastic Resolutions - Volume Prax.

Members of my Campaigns should avert their eyes and read no further in this

I am currently running a campaign at the mouth of the Zola Fel and was
thinking of incorporating some side adventures to the east and west of
Corflu in that swampy area that follows the seacoast.

One of the ideas I had was to place a secret Duck breeding experiment in
that area. I'd like to use this as a vehicle to introduce a less cartoonish
version of the Duck species to my game. After 20 generations of this secret
breeding program I envision that the inhabitants of this colony now resemble
penguins more than Ducks. The major difference would be that instead of
wings they would have arms.

Of course if there are already things that have been determined to exist in
that area of Glorantha I may have to tailor or abandon the whole idea and
thus the posting to the group at large...

On another subject I wonder of anyone has come up with an explanation as to
why on Page 7 of River of Cradles they refer to one Koronius Falabdur for
the year 1612 and to Gharan Falabdur for 1615? Meanwhile on Page 35 they say
that the Falabdur family ended when the heir was cursed by an enchanted
hyena skin and forced to march into the Vulture Country. Presumably Koronius
was the son of Falabdur and, in order to have the family line die out,
Falabdur must have passed on sometime between 1612 and 1615 - right?

Any thoughts would be greatfully accepted...


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