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From: Maria or Michael (
Date: Fri 16 Jan 1998 - 09:51:48 EET

Hi all -

This morning i stumbled upon a fascinating paragraph from the review of the
book "Old and Rare Books on Materia Medica in the Library of the Swedish
Pharmaceutical Society; an illustrated and annotated catalogue" in the
newspaper (Dagens Nyheter, sB2, 980116). This excerpt has immediate
consequences for how the Closedhandist, Sorcery-using Pavis Dwarfs

"Let a man's semen ferment for 40 days, or until it starts to live, move
and quicken, which is easily perceived. Thereupon it will take the form of
a human creature, although transparent and without body. If it is now
nurtured carefully each day and given arcanum (1) of human blood and kept
for 40 weeks at an even temperature, it will gradually become a real and
living child, with all the limbs of a child born of a woman, only much
smaller. This we call a homonculus."(2)

Standard dwarfs (SIZ 7) are almost half the size of standard humans (13).
Intriguing, isn't it?

(1) I have no idea what this is or might be.
(2) The recipe is stated to be Renaissance-era, but no source is referred to.

Michael Raaterova

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