Things man was not ment to know

From: Mikko Rintasaari (
Date: Fri 16 Jan 1998 - 11:41:51 EET

Last night I was idly leafing thru Elder Secrets, and trying to visualize
some places in Glorantha. I had just skimmed the familiar entry on the
Block when something suddenly seemed very wrong. I reread the entry
carefully and was overcome by a horrible understanding.

(Page 10 in Secrets Book)

"The Block
In Prax sits a tremendous cube of Truestone nearly two kilometers per
side. A long furrow, now clogged with marsh, marks its final trajectory as
it clattered in from the edge of the universe. It sits, askew in its
balance, beside a range of great hillocks, ant atop the greatest foe of
the Praxians, the Creator of Evil, the Devil. Thus a piece of Law
Incarnate struck down the chaos god..."

Now, I may be the thickest Glorantha gamer ever, since I've been GM:ing
and studying the world for at least seven years and I only got the
absurdity of this yesterday, but...

  Most of you have propably experienced the phenomenon just described.
You have an intense conflict goin on in the game. To help keep it
manageable you have visualized it with figures, and then an excited player
rolls his die straingt at the bloody miniatures sending them spinning, and
possibly breaking some of the flimsier (prettier) ones. One of my gamers
actually specialized in rolling 01 criticals at the figure of his foe...
and compleatly by accident (as if you could plan it).

As a RPG gamer the symbology of it all is painfully clear. Urox beat
Wakboth against all odds... rolling extreamly well, you could say.

I don't have the relevant text handy, but I seem to remember reading
something in the lines of...

"...and having exhausted all his allies and resourses, the universe itself
responded to his (Urox) cry..."

Truestone is the most "real" substance in glorantha, and a giant cube of
truestone sounds to me like a die in Greg Staffords hand. Especially since
truestone is often referred to as "solified law". The only thing puzzling
me is that I think the mythology of the block was created by Greg before
the age of role playing games.

So Greg, did a giant die come bouncing from the edge of the universe and
crush Wakboth? :)

Having just spen't a couple of years sorting out the metaphysics of
Glorantha I was rather unprepared for this.
  My brain still hurts, but at least I now know what sudden illumination
feels like. And I've been wondering what sort of tricksters to have
lurking in Pavis. They believe in the Die of the Gods.

Nice one Greg, ever the trickster. :D

        -Mikko Rintasaari, the Adept

I think I think... Therefore I think I am.


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