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From: Pasanen Panu (
Date: Fri 16 Jan 1998 - 14:07:57 EET

 I woul to argue to Loren's claim that Carmanian peasants are the
 most opressed. Kingdom of War takes gold, Ramalia gets silver.
 Carmania maybe shares bronze with oasis folk (they are kinda peasants.)
 I also don't like the idea of 'faceless monster', that lurks out
 there doing evil deeds just to be killed by a hero or another.
 That's partly why uz, aldryami and mostali are so cool. You don't
 get praises for killing 'em (well you could), but you get an _angry_
 mob of avengers to your tail.

 Jean wrote about magic & Sheng Seleris, way to go! I have some
 doubts on the guardian spirit as presented: the magical colleges
 seem to be rather close to the real battle in most battles, so
 maybe the spirit (master magian, high priest, whatever) is a focus,
 but does not actually improve the range etc. Besides, putting all
 magics through a single person makes him very, very tempting
 target for a moonmeteorrain or something equally lethal. Being
 a bodyguard to a focus ain't no task for the weak-nerved!

 David Cake replied that aldryami do compete of living space with
 humans by converting plains to forests and uz do compete too,
 quite unsuccesfully.

 I knew, that's why I used the wording 'directly and in same
 environment'. Certain kind of alienation from the elder races
 is the norm... but makes the Kitori and mostali slave humans
 more interesting.

 Panu Pasanen.


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