Orlanth, Uleria and ZZ

From: Jon Thorvaldson (Jon.Thorvaldson.4851@student.uu.se)
Date: Fri 16 Jan 1998 - 21:55:12 EET

Hi all!

Lowell A Francis:
>>"Where does Uleria fit into Orlanth's circle?"
>My wife says it's obvious, she's his mistress. The easy comfort when he
>misbehaves. Kept close, so she can be watched.

I do not believe so. Unless Orlanthi can have several wives or concubines I
agree with Jane: Uleria does not really fit in. IMO there is no place for a
secret mistress of Orlanth. And it feels wrong to have Uleria keep to a
single lover. Maybe she is a figure found on the edges of myth/society: not
really part of society, but a figure that occurs in myth: the
lover/temptress/queen of the Other Land (whatever/wherever it is). Or
something. She who tought Orlanth of sex?

Panu Pasanen on ZZ and sex:
> in the Hill of Gold Yelmalio's Fiery Spear castrated ZZ, of course.

It would provide a partial explanation to why ZZ is the god of hate, and
would give zorak zorani an extra reason to hate the lightgods: "Cowards
all, striking at the hurty-bits. Such a pitiful attempt at revenge for
losing!" But still, ZZ lords are sometimes the leaders of Uz society,
beside the KL priestess, and I think that if ZZ had lost his fertility this
position whould be closed to them, as Uz place great value on fertility, as

said before.


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