Glorantha Online!

From: Shannon Appel (
Date: Sat 17 Jan 1998 - 02:19:33 EET

You've been hearing us folks at Chaosium chatter about Issaries Inc.
for some time. Well, finally, Issaries Inc. is being jumped through
all the right legal hoops, and the New Glorantha Era is becoming
a reality. You can now take a look at the first result: Glorantha

Just point your web browser to:

And you'll see the brand new center for Glorantha news, information,
and more. These pages will be constantly updating. Greg Stafford is
currently planning to to upload Glorantha myths and answers to the web
page on a monthly basis (the first ones are already there). The
Libraries of Lhankor Mhy and Londarios feature other Gloranthan
information and are expected to grow. You'll also find old product
listings, future plans, and much more. Take a look.

A Note to Web Page Designers:

The following pages will stay constant and may be safely linked to with no
fear of them moving around: ; main page ; con listings ; greg sez ; lhankor mhy library ; our links page ; intro material ; past, present, and
                                                        ; future products

If you have links to the old Lhankor Mhy Library on you
should move them to the new entry... the
Lhankor Mhy pages will be going away in about a month.



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