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>the sources I have researched so far, there is no reference to the elves
>aiding or coming to pavis anywhere, yet we have the Garden in the
>So why are they there?

        'Aldryami Settlers from Shadows Dance started the Garden in
        the days of Pavis' greatness. It was initially a collection
        of exotic plants and elven treehouses on Green Hill. When
        the nomads broke the walls and invaded, the Aldryami reacted
        by accellerating their growing program. At first, the nomads
        sacked the north side of the rive and left the elves and their
        kin alone. By the time they turned their attention to the
        people of the trees, the entire south and east corner of the
        city was overgrown, and greenery extended for a kilometre in
        some directions. It was too late - the elves had built an
        almost impregnable stronghold.'
                                Big Rubble Gamemaster Guide p7

The next paragraph has the trolls invading and reducing the Garden
to its current extent.
>I will be working on some sort of link to do with Arroin, and either the
>EWF or Pavis' visit to Adari. What I want to know is are there any
>published sources that cover Adari or the EWF?

The only known source on Adari is ToTRM#3 which has an article by
O.T.P.K Dickison. The description is incongrous with Pavis's stated

origins such as if his mother was a dryad than why was he living in
a troll town? Hence I think Adari was grander in the old days before
Waha sacked it.

Information on the EWF is scattered. The largest bits are in King
of Sartar (because Argrath tries to revive the magic of the EWF)
and the first book of the Genertela Boxed Set. Even those books
are not comprehensive for they omit mention of the change from the
EWF to the Third Council in 826 ST (although this may be the same
thing as the Here-and-nows taking over from the Forward faction
mentioned in Ingolf's Saga).

The other major sources are Griffin Mountain, the River of Cradles
and the Fortunate Succession. However the combined information
about the EWF these sources give is only two or three pages worth.
This just goes to show how little we know about the EWF.

Dave Black:

>I'm wondering if anyone knows details about the "Poisoned Shore" area along
>the southern edge of the Wastes. It appears on the map in the middle of the
>Book of Drastic Resolutions - Volume Prax.

It's the same as the Bleak Shore in ToTRM#14. It's a horrible
marsh and full of mosquitoes, sandflies and blackflies, all of
which carry loathsome icky diseases. Nomads hate the place but
the moisture-loving morokanth and rhino tribes are sometimes
found there. It's difficult to get to from the wastelands as
one has to traverse a huge cliff.

>On another subject I wonder of anyone has come up with an explanation as to
>why on Page 7 of River of Cradles they refer to one Koronius Falabdur for
>the year 1612 and to Gharan Falabdur for 1615? Meanwhile on Page 35 they say
>that the Falabdur family ended when the heir was cursed by an enchanted
>hyena skin and forced to march into the Vulture Country. Presumably Koronius
>was the son of Falabdur and, in order to have the family line die out,
>Falabdur must have passed on sometime between 1612 and 1615 - right?

Or perhaps Koronius was bed-ridden and senile making the heir Gharan
the effective high priest of Etyries.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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