Culbrea Tribe and Heroes of Wisdom

From: Ingo Tschinke (
Date: Sat 17 Jan 1998 - 02:31:03 EET

Patrik wrote upon Dick question abou the Culbrea tribe:
> But please note that my stuff differs from the version presented
> in Heroes of Wisdom. I started my campaign at least two years
> before Ingo had published his version, and I never bothered to
> reconcile the differences. I suppose Heroes' overall history of
> the tribe could be added to my own notes.

I have offered in Heroes of Wisdom only my own very version of the Culbrea tribe
which based on material I have got from David Hall, Kevin Jacklin and Nick
Brooke from Home of the Bold. This version is not a version which must be right.
Use it as you like, if you didn't - I won't care.

I just on the way to rewrite Heroes of Wisdom for 'Tentacle over Bachrach' the
IX. RQ Con in Germany. For this game I would like to do also a new booklet. So
if someone of yours would like to add their own material about the Malani, the
Cinsina, the Culbrea or the City of Jonstown in this booklet I will be pleased
to do so. I will check the material and if it fits together I will add it
(otherwise I will try to make it fit - after speaking with author, off course).




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