More Pavis conspiracies

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Date: Sat 17 Jan 1998 - 23:49:28 EET

ARF asked
>the sources I have researched so far, there is no reference to the elves
>aiding or coming to pavis anywhere, yet we have the Garden in the
>So why are they there?

Perhaps Pavis wanted to create a complete universe of his own within the
walls. Or maybe he wanted to recreate a small portion of Genert's paradise.

Maybe he was just a power gamer (in a non-RPG sense).

Remember, the cult of Pavis is the only cult that has access to all five
elementals, AFAIK. Also, he already had makers. He had allied the nomads.
He had wyrmfriends. He had the river. Why wouldn't he want growers as well?

Why would he want all this? Well, rumour has it that Pavis wants to
resurrect or become Genert or at least the Lord of the Land aspect.

Michael Raaterova

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