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Michael Raaterova
>Remember, the cult of Pavis is the only cult that has access to all five
>elementals, AFAIK.

I'm going off-topic here, but this statement is not quite true -- the
cult of the Seven Mothers gains access to Earth, Fire, Water, and
Darkness elementals through a special subcult or associate cult. They
don't have sylphs, true, but they get Lunes, which makes a total of five.
And, in First Edition RuneQuest, Orlanth had access to all five elemental

And I think he should still have them, and a few other deities, too. Many
years ago, I began working on the RQ3 elemental rules, and part of that
involved defining what cults had access to what elementals. I thought
that it made sense for the larger, more widespread and powerful cults to
have access to multiple elementals, through subcults or associate cults.
Thus, priests of Yelm might be able to command other elementals through
his servants, and Ernalda could certainly borrow elementals from her
various Husband-Protectors and/or her children by them.

In this scheme, Wind Lords of Orlanth have access only to sylphs, and
they get the standard spells from the Four Magic Weapons: Lightning from
the Lightning Spear, Mist Cloud from the Scarf of Mist, Great Parry from
the Shield of Arran, and Dark Walk from the Sandles of Darkness.

But, Storm Voices, the priests of Orlanth, would gain very different
magics from the Four Magic Weapons, as befits their different divine
focus: they would gain Command Salamander, Command Undine, Command Gnome,
and Command Shade from these subcults.

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