Living with the Elder Races

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Sun 18 Jan 1998 - 06:35:28 EET


> You miss my point, it seems. Why there are no elder races that
> would still affect everyday life (of humans), so Gloranthans would not
> life their lives in a human-community.

Because humans like to live in human communities and not have to
deal with inhuman elder races. Can you imagine living next to
a troll night and day? Why do you think many Orlanthi and
Yelmalions want to get rid of them? (The answer is *not* that
their god tells them to). Your average gloranthan is incredibly
bigotted by today's standards in dealing with other cultures.
Even most Lunars have trouble remembering their Goddess's message
at times with respect to the Orlanthi and Pentans! How can you
reasonably expect them to drop their blinkers for the Elder Races
who are even more monstrous?

The current distribution of the Elder Races in glorantha has been
an unconcious extension of this philosophy. No gloranthan has sat

at Wansee and decided the Elder Races shall be destroyed. It's
just that the humans have opportunistically taken advantage of the
Elder Race Wars and seen fit to clearfell Elven forests, loot
dwarvern complexes and clear the land of Uz so the humans can live

Sure there are some places where the Elder Races and humans live
side by side. But most outsiders visiting these places are glad
that they are not living there.

> The point is, that Elder Races are not common. They are as wondrous
> as a Gold Dragon in the ToG, and handled with care. Why? They could
> well be living next door to you. When 200 kg uz comes to loan
> a cup of sugar, how can you say no?-)

By simply ganging up with other humans who want to say no and
burning said uz's house down - preferably with him inside it.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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