Storm Bull & Zorak Zoran (what a lovely couple!)

From: Pasanen Panu (
Date: Sun 18 Jan 1998 - 16:42:04 EET

 Daniel McCluskey:

> But clearly, as the die was a d6 and not a d10, it was the Bulls HUGE damage
> bonus that did in the devil, and not a Crit.

 And we are thus proven that cheating pays, as Block is two kilometers
 high and one kilometer wide on all other sides. Would have never believed
 that Storm Bull would have tampered with his dices...

 Jon Thorvaldson:

> It would provide a partial explanation to why ZZ is the god of hate, and
> would give zorak zorani an extra reason to hate the lightgods: "Cowards
> all, striking at the hurty-bits. Such a pitiful attempt at revenge for
> losing!" But still, ZZ lords are sometimes the leaders of Uz society,
> beside the KL priestess, and I think that if ZZ had lost his fertility this
> position whould be closed to them, as Uz place great value on fertility, as

 Well, if ZZ was castrated, it does not mean that his followers ritually
 castrate themselves. Those who do the Hill of Gold heroquest would then
 lose their family treasures, though. Others would be just fine.


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