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Date: Sun 18 Jan 1998 - 19:32:35 EET

Jon Thorvaldson:

<<Lowell A Francis:
>>"Where does Uleria fit into Orlanth's circle?"
>My wife says it's obvious, she's his mistress. The easy comfort when he
>misbehaves. Kept close, so she can be watched.

I do not believe so. Unless Orlanthi can have several wives or concubines I
agree with Jane: Uleria does not really fit in. IMO there is no place for a
secret mistress of Orlanth.>>

    You're quite correct - Orlanthi are monogamous, and adultery is seen as a
Very Bad Thing. That Orlanthi himself should have an affair just doesn't make
sense. OTOH, the Orlanthi have no hang-ups about pre-marital sex, and Orlanth
is known to have had flings with all kinds of goddesses before finally getting
hitched. Uleria could well be an old flame from Orlanth's bachelor days -
there would be no stigma about that in Orlanthi society.

<< Maybe she is a figure found on the edges of myth/society: not really part
of society, but a figure that occurs in myth: the lover/temptress/queen of the
Other Land (whatever/wherever it is). Or something. She who tought Orlanth of

     That seems entirely believable to me.

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