From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@voyager.co.nz)
Date: Mon 19 Jan 1998 - 08:22:36 EET

Stephen Martin:

>Thus, priests of Yelm might be able to command other elementals through
>his servants, and Ernalda could certainly borrow elementals from her
>various Husband-Protectors and/or her children by them.

One has to remember that the Pelorians do not accept the five
elemental cosmology of the Malkioni and the Theyalans. So even
though Yelm is a massive cult, his priests would not necessarily
recognize the elements as they exist in the RQ3 sense. They would

be able to call upon a whole panoply of spirits from the heavens
of which some would resemble the traditional elementals in parts.

For example, they would recognize three sylph-type spirits that can
be called from Umatum, Shargash and Dendara. None of them would

IMO confer the power of flight (a Orlanthi power which the Pelorians
seem to have great difficulty in duplicating) and all would be
recognizably different from each other and the traditional sylph of
the Orlanthi.

Besides, the Young Elementals controlled by the Lunars are _not_
really the traditional RQ3 elementals, they are spirits representing
the four corners of the earth and are more akin to the guardians
of the four directions in 'Sun County'. However the Seven Mothers
have their own interpretation of the young elementals to make them
more attractive to potential (alakoring?... nah) orlanthi converts.

>But, Storm Voices, the priests of Orlanth, would gain very different
>magics from the Four Magic Weapons, as befits their different divine
>focus: they would gain Command Salamander, Command Undine, Command Gnome,
>and Command Shade from these subcults.

I have problems with this. Looking at information about the standard
Orlanthi priests from various sources, virtually none of them appear
to command elementals other than sylphs. So why should we start
giving them salamanders, undines, gnomes and shades now?

You may have a case for the Orlanthi priests of a certain region
(like say the sophisticated Holy Country) to view Orlanth in this
matter, but I do not feel that it should apply to every Orlanthi.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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