Female ZZ, and sex amons Uz

From: Mikko Rintasaari (rintasaa@mail.student.oulu.fi)
Date: Mon 19 Jan 1998 - 10:12:38 EET

Do you all see ZZ as having female (troll) members?

Female Uz are held in very high regard in society. Fighters need to be
(relatively) expendable, and female Uz aren=B4t.=20

The only ZZ group I've focused on is "Zator Chaosbane's Death Patrol".
Zator is a distant descendant of Gerak Kag, and a bit of an
traditionalist, as can be seen from the name of his troop. Zator is a
brother of the _Patriarch_ of the pavic Trolls, and "Death Patrol" is a
very sophisticated *gasp* bunch, for ZZ worsippers.
  Anyways... There are no Females in Death Patrol. This is mainly because
even this elite group of fighters is seen by clan matrons as unfit compan=
for their prescious daughters (and I think Zator thinks it would
compromise his leadership).
  I think ZZ is sort of a pressure valve in troll society. The average
male Uz is a tame second class citizen (at least sociologically). The mor=
anarchistic males have the ZZ troops, where they can hang "among the
guys" without bossy females, and generally be really butch :) . A female
demanding obediance and used to the comforts of home wouldn't really fit
the picture.=20
  I would think that there could be ZZ groups wich include females. These
groups would either have quite a lot of authority problems (if the female
wasn't in charge) or dissidense (if she was). Maybe we could have a femal=
who has given up her claim of superiority... sort of trollish "just one o=
the guys" tomboy. Such a female would propably fit in rather nicely, but
she would propably be from a family very low on the hierarchy of troll
  Mind you I don't hold with the recent thread of ZZ sexual perversions.=20
I see Uz sexuality as very primal, but I don't mean it in any kinky sense.
Darkness is the oldest part of the world, and also the seat of the most
basic feelings and insticts, like _hunger_ and _fear_. I think trollish
insticts are very effectively geared into making little trolls. They don'=
have the traumatic and (psychologically) complex sexuality of humans.
Genetics don't apply in Glorantha, in the sense that you will not find DN=
with the finest Dwarven magnifier, but _evolution_ does apply. The world
would be _much_ more alien a place if the basic drives for continuation o=
you own bloodline didn't apply, since this is one of the most basic drive=
even in modern humans (alas). I don't think Uz have complex enough
sexuality to develop homosexuality (and other forms of sex only aimed at
pleasure and not reproduction). I think trolls view the pleasure of sex
deriving directy from the fact that Kyger Litor is pleased when they
attempt to make little Uz. This is how animistic people on earth saw
things, and considering all the fertility dances of trolls, who can say
they are not correct.
  So I think ZZ males mate mostly like other trolls. Propably some Fems
like them for the their (cute?) fierce independence, and many others find
them impertinent and discusting.
  Oh yes! I almost forgot. I think the only _males_ to commit rape among
the Uz come from among the ZZ. This is not "perverted" as such, since
biologically it is still an attempt to reproduce. I bet troll society in

general doesn't see things quite like this tough, and the perpetrators ge=
hunted down by Karrgs Sons and killed (possibly torn apart by a group of
enraged females). Actually I would imagine many of the famous showdowns
between Karrg and ZZ worshippers deriving originally from such incidents.

So there... comments anyone?

        -Mikko, the Adept

  *** Hey ape, your planet is dying! ***

PS. I just have to add an anecdote here. Back in stone age, I knew a
rather wacky quy, who dabbled with RQ occasionally. In a game of his some
troll PC:s were having a discussion about an elf who had just departed.
They tought there was something disturbing about this Rapier wielding,
tights wearing caracter, but neither of them had the necessary consepts
and words for the subject. The conversation went something like this.

- --------------------------------------------------------------------
How did you like him then? *in a slightly vary voice*

Oh him. Not a bad sort, for an elf, but there was something...

Yeah. Reminds me of a troll I once knew. Now he was a weird sort. Sort
of... He was a bit like... Well, he could draw really well you see. Didn'=
much care for the girls either. A weird sort... *trailing off*
- --------------------------------------------------------------------

I laughed so hard I nearly died... =3DD


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