Sun County Prejudice

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Date: Mon 19 Jan 1998 - 11:17:44 EET


>Now back to Glorantha. I transplanted this misperception there, and
>let the Yelmalions live in the illusion that the cities of those
>promiscuous Storm worshippers are filled with Ulerian temples, and
>that their women will have sex with any man at the drop of a hat. The
>old, stern men, priests and patriarchs, talks about with tones of
>disgust; the youths drool about it in the Bronze Age equivalent of
>locker rooms; and Tarshite merchants does a fortune smuggling scrolls
>with 'Sartarite Erotica' there.

Which makes one wonder what the Sun Domers think about the city of Pavis,
filled with promiscuous storm worshippers (not to mention depraved lunars)
and Ulerian temples. Even worse, they traffic with beasts (namely: uz). Do
the Sun Domers not condemn Pavis in much the same terms that Babylon and
Sodom/Gomorrah were condemned?

Mayhap there is a great market for porn in Garhound? Surely "The Harlot of
Alone" would be a bestseller.

Michael Raaterova

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