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Date: Mon 19 Jan 1998 - 05:27:50 EET

Referring to Steve Martin's note on access to Elementals:
> Thus, priests of Yelm might be able to command other elementals through
> his servants, and Ernalda could certainly borrow elementals from her
> various Husband-Protectors and/or her children by them.
        I still think that the associate cults do not teach the elemental
summoning or even control magic - that they would reserve to
themselves. An Esrolian priestess (for example) can summon and
control one form of gnome (In my thoughts, gnomes summoned by
different cults do have similar characteristics rulewise, but different
natures) but summoning others would violate the nature of the
association, because some elements are opposed to each other.
However, if she ever wants a shade, a sylph, an undine, a salamander
or, in the case of Red Earth Alliance, a Lune, priest of Argan Argar,
Orlanth Thunderous, Magasta (in Rhigos), Yelm (whatever) or Seven
Mothers, respectively, could give/sell her a binding enchantment
holding that elemental. In fact, I think that was the original purpose
of the binding enchantment at the first place (in Glorantha, not in RQ

        Also, I'd like to clarify my comment about nonhumans a bit.
        Living next to Uz would not be my preference, either - unless
the troll is an Argan Argari and could be expected to behave somewhat.
No sane human leader would let ZZ's into his town !

        Peaceful or not, nonhuman or near-human minorities are usually
segregated in their own areas (not unlike big cities with Chinatowns and
other ethnically colored areas). That=B4s what both sides
want. You may want to buy troll merchandize from a troll trader but not
live beside him.

Jon Thorvaldson claimed:
> You're quite correct - Orlanthi are monogamous, and adultery is seen=
 as a
> Very Bad Thing.
        Depends on what model you use. Manirian Orlanthi (including
Sartar) seem more Norse-like which could lead to monogamy (they did sleep
with their female slaves, though) when Orlanthi in Ralios and Fronela are=
Celtic (and they were apparently more promiscuous even when married). And
kings still have their harems, Sartar and Argrath included - and Orlanth =
royalty which have done whatever it pleases from a time immemorial.

        And I do like agree with Erik Sieurin;
> I see Uleria as a diffuse mythical figure among the Orlanthings, the
> one who taught the godesses about the same thing mortal women teach
> their daughters when they becom women. She is 'worshipped' to the same
> degree as Umath and Ga(ta).
        As for Solar origin, only as a source of prostitution as we know it.
"You are a whore !" "But .. eh .. we are worshipers of Uleria !" "Aw, oh,=
ah, what do we do now, boss ?" Instant protection.
        One could assume that the "sex cult" of Uleria has spread to other
parts of the Glorantha. In my version of Esrolia, Ulerians are hired to =
the effeminate Yelm cult sons how to perform in bed - they are married =
for political favors anyway.
        Dara Happan Lodrili I usually picture as something like an average

European peasant under Catholic church - agree with your priest that sex =
sinful and smirk at the thought when he has left and grab your wife. You =
to produce sons, right ? Want to join in an attempt, wife ? Just doing =
duties here!
        And Lunars ? "I would like you to join me in the sacred pleasure by
the most profound ritual of cosmic acceptance in worldly form" "This is =

honor, priestess ! Want me to shave myself, too ?" Not to mention exploit
this in recruitment ...
        What would be the state of troll prostitution ? Females call the shots
and technically can take whoever they want (as long as the guy can perfor=
I could picture only some degenerate cave troll female exploited by real =
        (Stereotype of Swedish free sex is stupid and for some obscure reason
it has been linked to Finland, too. Americans often confuse the two count=
And by the way, we do go to sauna naked but sex in there is an exception,
not a rule. Besides, if an average Finnish loser wants to buy sex and has
the money, he either goes to St Petersburg or Hamburg.)
> The old, stern men, priests and patriarchs, talks about with tones of =
        And, like most moralists, the more louder they are, the more often
they have used those services. Secretly.

        As for Zorak Zoran; castration did not appeal to me either. ZZ is not
tame at all, which is usually associated with castration. Quite the contr=
        This is my campaign assumption; Zorak Zoran is an ultimate
macho-man in a matriarchal culture and therefore goes to extremes. That's
also why I presume most ZZ remain unmarried; an average Uz female does
not want to marry someone who could kill all your other husbands or child=
in a fit of rage.

Death to Argrath
Vesa "Aku" Lehtinen


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