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From: Pasanen Panu (
Date: Mon 19 Jan 1998 - 13:32:51 EET

 Mikko Rintasaari:

> Female Uz are held in very high regard in society. Fighters need to be
> (relatively) expendable, and female Uz aren=B4t.=20

 And females get to decide for themselves. If you are choking to your
 mothers advice, why not give her some shock treatment? Join ZZ.

 Do what _you_ please. I don't see ZZ groups having trouble of
 female members neither. If they can compete, they're equal. If
 not, they're kicked out (or killed.) Besides, you have to be _good_
 fighter to join ZZ in the first place! Female trolls know how to fight.

> even in modern humans (alas). I don't think Uz have complex enough
> sexuality to develop homosexuality (and other forms of sex only aimed at
> pleasure and not reproduction). I think trolls view the pleasure of sex
> deriving directy from the fact that Kyger Litor is pleased when they

 Of course they do.. they propably would be a very dying race if their
 sex would not give any pleasure!-) And homosexuality might be the case
 of male groups in the middle-of-nowhere (troll POV). Don't want to
 speculate how the others saw this.

 Vesa 'chaos troll' Lehtinen:

> Living next to Uz would not be my preference, either - unless
> the troll is an Argan Argari and could be expected to behave somewhat.
> No sane human leader would let ZZ's into his town !

 Yes they do. Pavis has lots. Whitewall too. Why would ZZ fellow rage all
 the time? Stupid to assume so. They get angry for reasons, even if the
 reasons are smaller than someone elses- but people are extra careful
 with all kinds of maniacs.

 They do let Humakti and BG into towns, don't they? And Storm Bulls, too.

 * Ulerian temples commonly advertise with the slogan:
   "Masturbation makes you go blind -
    Private worship ceremonies upon request!" *

 Panu Pasanen.


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