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From: Pasanen Panu (
Date: Mon 19 Jan 1998 - 13:18:01 EET

 Peter Metcalfe:

> > You miss my point, it seems. Why there are no elder races that
> > would still affect everyday life (of humans), so Gloranthans would not
> Because humans like to live in human communities and not have to
> deal with inhuman elder races. Can you imagine living next to

 Why does it have to be so in Glorantha? They could very well _not_
 be racistic bastards, or at least towards some friendly elder race.

> at times with respect to the Orlanthi and Pentans! How can you
> reasonably expect them to drop their blinkers for the Elder Races
> who are even more monstrous?

 Oh, done with science and magic.. and through ages long alliance.
> The current distribution of the Elder Races in glorantha has been
> an unconcious extension of this philosophy. No gloranthan has sat

 That's _exactly_ my point.

> Sure there are some places where the Elder Races and humans live
> side by side. But most outsiders visiting these places are glad
> that they are not living there.

 And people therein are happy, and more Gloranthan than the others, IMO.

 Vesa Lehtinen:

> Althought I do dislike the idea in KoS, where Greg hints that -
> following the lead of Tolkien and Moorcock - nonhumans are either
> exterminated or driven away. No thank you.
> Majority of Gloranthan history is modeled on Earth's historical
> events and the answer is obvious - we do not have other world histories
> to model them on. On the other hand, the variation is sufficient to be
> different. (Althought I have no idea of letting Malkionism to rule Genert
> ela the way Christianity nowadays rule the world)

 Live and let live. I want my Glorantha to be loads different from other
 fantasy worlds, and I was upset, too, at the KoS. But I just ignored it.

 Modelling on world history doesn't have to be done so untactly. Smash
 the myth and rework it again, so you don't have to carry the signs
 of the previous owner. I don't like having triangle as a Malkion symbol
 neither, for obvious connection with Trinity.

 Erik 'Swedish Sex-Machine' Sieurin wrote:

> let the Yelmalions live in the illusion that the cities of those
> promiscuous Storm worshippers are filled with Ulerian temples, and
> that their women will have sex with any man at the drop of a hat. The

 Absolutely! Makes a trip to Pavis an important thing to a Yelmalioan
 youth. "Dahdy, you don't have to go this time. I can take the stuff
 to the market meself with some buddies." "No way son, you ain't old
 enough." "What, you let me take the wares to Temple market last year!"
 "Temple Market, yes. Pavis, noo noo. You might get yourself in all kinds
 of trouble over there."
> single. There are always female ZZs, and slave trollkin for the more
> cowardly. Then, Trollpak mentions group orgies celebrating the
> marriage to Kyger Litor, which trolls take a great care to practice so
> they will do them exactly right on the holy nights when nothing is

 Molesting trollkin will definately be a shameful deed. I can see in my
 mind a well-fed trollkin walking after her master, and uz on the street
 laughing/throwing rocks at the pervert.

 Panu Pasanen.


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