Re: Orlanthi Elementals

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Mon 19 Jan 1998 - 14:45:07 EET

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Peter Metcalfe writes re: Stephen's proposal:

> Looking at information about the standard Orlanthi priests from
> various sources, virtually none of them appear to command elementals
> other than sylphs. So why should we start giving them salamanders,
> undines, gnomes and shades now?

I think Stephen may be missing the obvious, here. If it's the case
that the cults of Orlanth, Yelm, etc. are *so* locally dominant that
they'd effectively have access to any kind of elemental, presumably
this access is obtained by commanding or requesting a local priest
of an appropriate Elemental deity to produce said elemental, pronto.

Thus Yelm priests would command Oslira to send forth Undines, or
Dendara to produce Calm Sylphs, or whatever -- and wouldn't need to
muddy their hands with "impure", non-Yelmic magic.

And if Yelm priests can't find obedient members of "friendly" cults
to perform said services, well, they hardly deserve access to those
elementals, then, do they?



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