Date: Mon 19 Jan 1998 - 20:47:36 EET

Panu Pasanen:
> Why there are no elder races that would still affect everyday life (of
> so Gloranthans would not life their lives in a human-community.

David Dunham:
There are -- in Pamaltela, on the north coast. The elves dominate most of
the Umathelan tribes. (I hope to publish more about this in a future issue
of Enclosure.) Elder Secrets has most of the available data on this.

     Sandy Peteresen talked about Pamaltela at on eof the seminars at GC IV.
He went into Elf dominaton of Umathela, the House of Errinoru, the Jungle
and Horned Trolls as well. All will be revealed when the GC IV Conpendium
comes out. (Febuary?)

          Andrew Joelson
          Chairman, GC IV


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