Views on Morality across the Losenge

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Date: Mon 19 Jan 1998 - 20:42:44 EET

I delurk from my normal super-speed skimming mode to reply to this one,
(and my dog, work & remodelling chores have calmed a bit) -

In Maniria, adultery seems to be a social crime rather than a moral one.
It leads to strained marraiges and, by default, strained relations with the
group from which the spouse comes. I don't think there is a religious
prohibition against it, like there is in consorting with chaos. Also note
that unmarried folk seem to be allowed to be as promiscuous as they like,
even the women.

:Erik Sieurin;
> > I see Uleria as a diffuse mythical figure among the Orlanthings, the
> > one who taught the godesses about the same thing mortal women teach
> > their daughters when they becom women. She is 'worshipped' to the same
> > degree as Umath and Ga(ta).

Much agreement!

> As for Solar origin,

Careful, here - Teshnos is sure to be different from Dara Happa, and
different again from Sun County!

In Pelanda, UlEria is a primal goddess, the source of life and the
salvation of Vogmaradan, (the first male deity) . She reconnected him to
the All through sex and love, freely offered. (Correct if I'm wrong here,
Peter - I'm a bit rusty on this!)

Dara Happan urbanites view Uleria as scandalous, because they view any
female with free-will as scandalous. (And most males, to boot!) In my DH,
Ulerians run taverns & spas. They provide harmony, comfort, and an
atmosphere of goodwill and peace, but rarely sex. An Ulerian my offer it
to a person as the Ultimate Connection, but only as she pleases; someone
going in and looking for is is sure to be disappointed.

> Dara Happan Lodrili I usually picture as something like an average
> European peasant under Catholic church - agree with your priest that sex
> is sinful and smirk at the thought when he has left and grab your wife.

What? Lodrilli? Worshippers of the god of the firestick, volcanoes, and
male fertility? I view Lodrilites (and Orians, their wives) as very lusty
and open about sex. Half the time, no one is really sure whose kids are

whose, but it doesn't really matter. (This is what is so scandalous to the
Yelmies!) Lodrilli live in extended communities with their cohorts. Social
ties are made with nearby friends and living kin, not to ancestors or
social superiors. All that is Yelmic garbage. Life is here and now, with
your buddies, your wife, and your buddies' wives, and the kids.

> And Lunars ? "I would like you to join me in the sacred pleasure by
> the most profound ritual of cosmic acceptance in worldly form" "

This attitude sounds close to the old Pelandan one - not surprising as that
is one of the source cultures for the modern Lunars.

Trolls - somehow, I don't think a strongly matriarchal society would have
much prostitution, let alone a deity for it. Prostitution is, after all,
a brutal use forced on the weakest members of a society, which female
trolls are not.

 Prostitution is not fun, or necessary, or cute. Prostitution is to sex
what vivsection is to Peaceful Cut. Think carefully about where it appears
in your Glorantha, and even more carefully before you have it sanctioned by
Uleria, one of the most ancient and powerful deities in Glorantha - and the
source of life.

Gee, these soapboxes just seem to well up out of nowhere...



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