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- -Mikko, the Adept

>even in modern humans (alas). I don't think Uz have complex enough

>sexuality to develop homosexuality (and other forms of sex only aimed at

>pleasure and not reproduction). I think trolls view the pleasure of sex

>deriving directy from the fact that Kyger Litor is pleased when they

>attempt to make little Uz. This is how animistic people on earth saw

>things, and considering all the fertility dances of trolls, who can say

>they are not correct.

A little quibble here, a lot of cultures RW have not matched sex to
procreation until relatively recently. Actually there have been a few
microcultures this century that failed to make the connection. Sex,
assuming you are doing it passably well is a pleasant, enjoyable
experience at the very least. Religions tend to place a lot of emphasis on
sex because it is a common but powerful drive/release. If you can get a
control on your subjects sexual behavior you have a significant control on
the whole individual.
  Back to the point though, saying a primitive mindset has sex for the
sole pleasure of making babies is absurd. Sex is fun, and a very potent
hormonal drive. Evolution, DNA or not is going to favor those with strong
reproductive urges, these urges are not an altruistic preservation of the
race, they are a strong pressure that is released through sex.
  Freedom from perversions in the noble savage is another piece of
Victorian B.S. Primitive cultures have displayed most of modern sexual
disfunction, at least those that don't require advanced technology. Hell,
animals have been observed performing same sex coupling of either gender,
including rape, or at least going through the motions with female to
  I suspect that trolls are no better and no worse than the Yelmi, or the
Swedes. (Sorry, I couldn't resist)



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