Elder races in the Suburbs

From: James Frusetta (gerakkag@wam.umd.edu)
Date: Tue 20 Jan 1998 - 05:34:06 EET

Pasanen Panu wrote:

> And females get to decide for themselves. If you are choking to your
> mothers advice, why not give her some shock treatment? Join ZZ.
Damn straight! ZZ is for female trolls who *don't* want to become a
matriarch. ;)

Though the pressure must be pretty strong -- KL gives females a better
deal, your family and clan will pressure you to have kids and stop this
adventuring foolishness.

> > Living next to Uz would not be my preference, either - unless
> > the troll is an Argan Argari and could be expected to behave somewhat.
> > No sane human leader would let ZZ's into his town !
Unless they build the walls really shoddy. Heh, heh, heh. Who needs da
hooman's permission? Charge!

> Yes they do. Pavis has lots. Whitewall too. Why would ZZ fellow rage all
> the time? Stupid to assume so. They get angry for reasons, even if the
> reasons are smaller than someone elses- but people are extra careful
> with all kinds of maniacs.
True, ZZers aren't all unreasoning bezerks. I've always had the impression
that ZZers are let into Pavis, though, because the Pavisites aren't strong
enough to eradicate the trolls of the Rubble. If the hoomans were
stronger, would trolls be tolerated? (Whitewall is different -- but then
again, the Kitori ZZites must be pretty different. They have poetry-
reciting, Sun-resurrecting, sword-wielding Orlanthi for in-laws, for one

> Why does it have to be so in Glorantha? They could very well _not_
> be racistic bastards, or at least towards some friendly elder race.
The *elder races* are also racist bastards. You're an elf that likes human
ways too much? You're declared rootless. You're a dwarf that likes humans?
Heretic. You're a troll that wants to live in a hooman village? Good luck
making your Kyger Litor ceremonies. The elder races have their own
cultures -- why should they be tainted by hoomans?

The elder races are pretty hard on humans when they get the chance -- the
Elves put 'em to the sword for mulch (look at the planned Fronelan
reforestation), the Trolls have no problem with eating them (or anyone
else), and the Dwarves probably want to turn humans into proper cogs for
the world machine.

To me, having elder races accept enough of human culture to live next door
to humans makes them quasi-humans. Not to say this doesn't happen on

occasion (or in the other direction, too), and the results can be
interesting, but why make it a generic standard? Why limit non-humans so
they can live as minorities in hooman cultures?

> Oh, done with science and magic.. and through ages long alliance.
Hey, I'm all for the Lavanse the Longtongue school: that the elder races
are approachable and understandable by humans. And friendship can occur --
but surely hoomans are going to realize a certain distance from the elder
races even so. Even a friendly troll is still a troll, and not a hooman.
(Even the Kitori recognize a certain distance, after all).

Jamuz Frusetta


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