Dendara's metamorphisis

From: Pam Carlson (
Date: Tue 20 Jan 1998 - 06:39:59 EET

> Carl Fink asks -

> Er, when did Dendara become a goddess of the Air?

In Melbourne, January, 1996, when Entekosiad made its debut. In fact, I
rember asking Greg - "What's this? Dendara a sky goddess?"

And he said someting very like: "Yep. Sorry. It had to be. All the
earlier references to her being an earth goddess are wrong. Or maybe
misrepresentations from other cultures. She is a sky diety."

The Entekosiad goes on to explore the relationship between Dendara and
Entekos, ie, Dendara is Entekos in Dara Happa.

> Also, would there really be Umatum worshippers in Peloria?

Not in lowland (non-Theyalan) Peloria, but the deity is known as a primal
storm god, as in: "Eat your peas or Umatum will get you!"


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