Entekos the Dendara

From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@voyager.co.nz)
Date: Tue 20 Jan 1998 - 07:24:39 EET

Carl Fink:

Me>> For example, they would recognize three sylph-type spirits that can
>> be called from Umatum, Shargash and Dendara.

>Er, when did Dendara become a goddess of the Air? All published
>sources I've looked at say she's an Earth goddess, although clearly
>the Pelorians would not use this terminology.

And all the sources you looked at (Gods of Glorantha, Runequest Book
5 etc) have been gregged. However I did slip up slightly and should
have said Entekos instead of Dendara. The source is the introduction
to the Entekosiad.

        'Entekos, the Pelandan goddess of airs, has always been a
        major deity in Pelanda, but was once a relatively minor
        cult figure for the Dara Happans.

        In Pelanda, Entekos is the Atmospheric Goddess, the High
        Goddess of Virtue, and the planet Dendara. In Dara Happa,
        Entekos is a minor goddess, the house-servant of Yelm;
        while Dendara is the Emperor's wife, the planet, and
        almost nothing more.

        [snip some Gods Wall discussion]

        Thus Entekos and Dendara seem to be, or have been,
        connected somehow with each other.

        The earliest Pelandan mentions of Entekos seems to use
        Dendara, meaning, as a title, "the Virtuous." Sometimes
        it is as if Entekos, which in Dara Happan is the Goddess
        of Right Air, is a title. Thus, it appears that one
        Pelandan Goddess became two when the cult moved to Dara
        Happa; or else two Dara Happan goddesses merged when the
        cult moved to Pelanda; or else an original goddess divided
        or was divided into parts in Dara Happa.'
                                         Entekosiad Foreword

This gregging leaves untouched the nature of the Kralori
Dendara so she may still be an earth goddess there. But I think
her cult is more of a duality with the Kralori Gorgorma than
is depicted in the old sources.

>Also, would there really be Umatum worshippers in Peloria?

No there wouldn't. The Pelorians do however have a strong
tradition of summoning demons and that was where I believe
the Yelm priests would get Umatum sylphs from.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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