Love the Elder Races as thyself

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Tue 20 Jan 1998 - 07:24:46 EET

Pasanen Panu:

>>> Why there are no elder races that would still affect everyday
>>> life (of humans)?

Me>> Because humans like to live in human communities and not have to
>> deal with inhuman elder races.

> Why does it have to be so in Glorantha? They could very well _not_
> be racistic bastards, or at least towards some friendly elder race.

Look at the typical human-human interactions in glorantha: The Dara
Happans hate the Darjiinites. The Pentans are hated by the Pelorians,

the Kralori and the Praxians. The Seshnegi and the Safelstrans despise
each other. The Arbennan do not like the Kresh. The Kralori hate
foreigners and look down on ignorants.

Now you have been complaining at the lack of an Elder Race (or two)
that goes into exactly the same environment as the humans in each and
every one of those territories* and to top it all the humans are
friendly towards this Elder Race (or two) whereas they can't be friendly
to each other even if their lives depended on it. How in glorantha is
this miracle going to happen?

*The Morokanth don't count because they're confined to Prax and the
Wastelands, the Ducks are confined to swamps, Elves don't count cause
they live in different ecological zones etc due to the limited
imagination of the authors.

>> How can you
>> reasonably expect them to drop their blinkers for the Elder Races
>> who are even more monstrous?

> Oh, done with science and magic.. and through ages long alliance.

Magic in glorantha is not a panacea for social ills (I exclude the
alleged panacea of the Kingdom of War and the Cult of Silence for
their cure is worse than the illness). If anything, magic has
aggravated social ills like seemingly providing proof that a
course of action has divine blessing.
If by science, you mean knowlege of the Elder Race, then again you
run into problems. Many of the human societies have distorted
beliefs about each other: The Orlanthi believe the Malkioni have
no Souls frex. So how can you expect them to have clear and
accurate knowledge about the friendly elder races?

And what's this age old alliance you speak of? The only people
to be friendly towards everyone were the Dawn Age Heortlings. No
Elder Race bothers to aid the modern Orlanthi these days for what
their forebears did. Very few people in the Holy Country want
to restore the rule of the Only Old One.

>> The current distribution of the Elder Races in glorantha has been
>> an unconcious extension of this philosophy [of suppressing the
>> Elder Races].

> That's _exactly_ my point.

So? What else do you realistically expect gloranthan humans to do
given that they can't be nice to each _other_?

>> Sure there are some places where the Elder Races and humans live
>> side by side. But most outsiders visiting these places are glad
>> that they are not living there.

> And people therein are happy, and more Gloranthan than the others, IMO.

How can people be less gloranthan if they hate elder races?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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