Blank Heroes

From: richard (
Date: Tue 20 Jan 1998 - 12:15:50 EET

I feel that Glorantha is missing an important ingredient - key to making
it a role playing campaign as opposed to an enjoyable and envolved saga.
That ingredient revolves around the integration of player characters.

It seems to me, as I read more and more Gloranthan material, that the
heroes of the Hero Wars are not going to be (my) PCs. It was probably a
section in the Genertela box which crystalised this for me where you're

advised not to let your PCs even interact with the likes of Arkat,
Jareel (sp? - the Lunar lass) and so on.

Now I do not accept that Glorantha is "mine", as GS put it. My reason
for using Glorantha is not just because of what has been published, but
also because of all the extra material yet to be published. I do not
want to snapshot the world as it is understood by me now and then go off
at a tangent - I want to run a campaign which fits into the objective,
rather than subjective, Glorantha (IYSWIM).

Now GS/Chaosium has placed a number of customisation lands around
Glorantha - the Blank Lands. I would like to suggest that the same thing
be done with a number of people/events. I say events because the most

important thing about a hero is what he does, specifically how he
affects the Gloranthan saga.

A Blank Hero could be minor, such as some lieutenant who leads a telling
assault at a particular battle, a sorcerer who uncovers / exposes some
particular secret, or an adventurer who defeats some particular chaos /
darkness entity. Maybe Kiger Lytor is destined to be destroyed by a
party of Orlanthi adventurers, or maybe Raznaklar (sp? again - the king
of the Broos), or maybe sections of the Machine City will be
reactivated. Major Blank Heroes could be ones actually involved in the
Hero Wars, and wouldn't it be nice if the outcome was left blank too!

What I would like to see is a set of Blank Hero events, whose effect on
the history of Glorantha, particularly the Hero Wars, is documented, but
whose details are left, and are guaranteed to be left, deliberately
blank (including the names of the heroes involved). That way I can run a

campaign with PCs which can become an integral part of Glorantha, rather

a) being spectators in a saga they cannot affect, or
b) being forced to make my Glorantha different to the published

Of course if none of my PCs ever do fill in any of these Blank Hero
Events then we can simply assume that they happened with some NPCs. The
important thing is to have the people/events clearly defined, especially
in relation to the unfolding events of Gloranthan history, whilst
guaranteeing that details will be left to individual GMs.



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