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From: Mikko Rintasaari (rintasaa@mail.student.oulu.fi)
Date: Tue 20 Jan 1998 - 14:24:16 EET

forwarding as requested...

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> Hy Mikko,
> I just read your thing on dice and the Block. You may be right. I'll ask Greg
> if no one else does. He doesn't read the digest.
> Now, I may be the thickest Glorantha gamer ever,
> Join the crowd.
> since I've been GM:ing
> and studying the world for at least seven years and I only got the
> absurdity of this yesterday, but...
> Seven years is long enuf. I've been here 21 years and 11 months.
> Most of you have propably experienced the phenomenon just described.
> You have an intense conflict goin on in the game. To help keep it
> manageable you have visualized it with figures, and then an excited player
> rolls his die straingt at the bloody miniatures sending them spinning, and
> possibly breaking some of the flimsier (prettier) ones.
> This is brilliant, and well-described. I can see the figures which we put
> especially more work into, their arms and weapons coming off.
> As a RPG gamer the symbology of it all is painfully clear. Urox beat
> Wakboth against all odds... rolling extreamly well, you could say.
> Brilliant!
> Truestone is the most "real" substance in glorantha, and a giant cube of
> truestone sounds to me like a die in Greg Staffords hand.
> Wow!
> Especially since
> truestone is often referred to as "solified law".
> Law, like the thing which is used to carry out the effects of the rules...
> The only thing puzzling
> me is that I think the mythology of the block was created by Greg before
> the age of role playing games.
> This is where your limited years show. Get a map of Prax. The second
> boardgame Greg made is Nomad Gods. That came out in '77, before RQ and before
> anyone role-played in Glorantha. Even D&D had only been out a few years then.
> Now look at that map. If you are sitting on the south edge of the Nomad Gods
> board, which is the first map of Prax, you can see that if you roll a die at
> about the lower-middle of the board with your right hand then the die will
> bounce at around Sog's Ruins and continue up to slide to a stop about where
> the Block is now. That MUST be what happened! As Greg was making the game
> someone killed the Devil piece with a die. There was no Devil in the game as
> it came out. So Greg put in the Block, just as you've described. This was
> before the name Glorantha saw print, I believe. Maybe the die was also wet
> for some reason, and so that's why he drew in the marsh to cover up the
> stain. Maybe the die had been dropped in a coffee cup and when he went to

> fish it out he dropped it again, trying to catch it on the way down, but only
> succeeded in causing it to bounce and slide along the board as described.
> I'd like it if you sent these comments to the digest, along with any more of
> yours. There is something wrong and when I send something in to the Digest
> it bounces back.
> Keep up with ideas like this.
> Daniel

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Nothing to add at the moment... my head doesn't ache quite so much
anymore, tough. Glad you liked it Dan.


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