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From: Vesa Lehtinen (akuleh@sci.fi)
Date: Tue 20 Jan 1998 - 15:25:36 EET

Pam Carlson wrote
> In my DH,
> Ulerians run taverns & spas.
> I view Lodrilites (and Orians, their wives) as very lusty
> and open about sex. Half the time, no one is really sure whose kids =
> whose, but it doesn't really matter. (This is what is so scandalous to =
> Yelmies!) (etc.)
        I think that may be better idea than my own (well, I haven't run
a campaign in Dara Happa ...) Also, it fits to my ideas that ruling class
usually have no real idea what their supposed subjects are thinking ...
Communal lifestyle may be stretching it a bit but ... Good show.

>> And Lunars ? "I would like you to join me in the sacred pleasure by
>> the most profound ritual of cosmic acceptance in worldly form" "
>This attitude sounds close to the old Pelandan one - not surprising as =
>is one of the source cultures for the modern Lunars.
        Well, don't know much about Pelandans but if it fits, fine.

Death to Argrath
Vesa "Aku" Lehtinen


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