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From: richard (
Date: Tue 20 Jan 1998 - 16:09:03 EET

Well, I read and I read and I read and I never seem to reach the end of
all the information available on Glorantha.

However I do actually want to get something going here, and it seems
most sensible to me to set up something up which allows a gradual
introduction to the world.

I've done an awful lot of reading about Pavis, Prax and the Wastes. I
could almost run a campaign here were it not for the fact that I'm

missing Pavis and Big Rubble box sets. I could probably live with not
having the second one, but the first details the single most important
event / adventure to happen in this area (the Giant Cradle) - an event
which I would definately want my adventurers involved in. I don't
understand why that scenario was not re-published - I feel any Pavis

campaign set at 1621 is sabotaged without it.

[sorry about the rant]

So - I'm thinking of starting things up in Pent - since it feels almost
a blank land whose only contribution to the Gloranthan saga is the
occasional invasion by the (mongol) barbarian hordes.

Pent seems like a good place to transport the AH Vikings box set. This
is all pretty self-contained stuff which could be made reasonably
Gloranthan (or at least not non-Gloranthan). I like a Scandinavian look
and feel.

Characters could be Sun or Storm worshippers, and I can see
possibilities for porting non-RQ stuff across which is relatively
self-contained (I'm determined to shove the AD&D Giants/Drow stuff in
there somewhere - what could Lolth be I wonder?). The intention then is
to add more and more Gloranthan stuff into scenarios as I get to grips
with it, and gradually migrate adventurers southward into the Wastes.

Finally, there's a nice link with a Pol Joni Barbarian and the Garhound
Contest (in Sun County), and maybe by the time the adventurers are
queueing up to get into Pavis (where, of course, they'll meet Arlaten
from Strangers in Prax) I might have found that Pavis box.

Any thoughts or suggestions?



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