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Date: Tue 20 Jan 1998 - 19:26:42 EET

<CAUTION: Silly rant about CoExisting with Elder Races>
(~2 page downs should get past it :-) (um... mebbe 3, sorry)

Where is it that people get the idea that it is somehow "natural" not to
want to kill your neighbors? There certainly is NO real-world precedent for
Long-Term peaceful coexistance of substantially different peoples. Either
they homogenize and become a single "group", or they end up hating each
other. Even in modern America, where it is Extremely politically incorrect
to be a bigot, Most people are. The Blacks hate the Whites who hate the
Mexicans... the Liberals hate the Conservatives who hate the FemiNazis who
hate the Bible Thumpers who hate the Gays who hate the White Supremicists
who hate the Blacks, oops! and I'm back where I started. And ALL these
people are Americans. All these people are HUMAN.

There is no reason that individual PC's of different species cannot find a
reason to get along, but there is absolutely NO reason to believe that
different species could happily coexist any more than the Palestinians and

I, as a Player, am FOREVER trying to come up with excuses to play a troll PC
(in Seattle even -- gack!) I am a huge believer in Multi-Species games and
groups. I like the Idea of a stalwart band of friends flying in the face of
convention and normalcy. I don't however like the Idea that My Uz ZZi could
take his Yelmalion buddy to the worship ceremony without consequences. The
point is to find a way for the charecters to become friends Despite the
environment of prejudice and hatred. Not to create completely unrealistic,
pipe-dream, hippy-trippy peacenik, "We Love You, Monster Hero!" cultures for
the sole reason of making life easy for my PC. Where is the STORY in Romeo
and Juliette if their families were FRIENDLY???? I play Magic the Addiction
when I want 2d chars and a (literally) cardboard world. I play in glorantha
to explore a "Real" fantasy world.

In Glorantha, Trolls really DO want to eat your babies. They might choose
not to, for any number of reasons... but they really, really know deep down
inside that you would be extremely tasty with Orange Sauce (and no splintery
beak either). I don't much like MY RW neighbors... and They don't want to
eat me. There are Very good reasons for a human to hate the eldar races,
and RW humans have PROVED that they need little or no reason to hate.

Why I hate the:
Uz: um, they think I'm FOOD! they're ugly, and they smell
Aldrayami: They think I'm fertilizer. They think that my carefully
ploughed field would be somehow easier to harvest with TREES growing in
Mostali: They want me to shut up and turn this crank... all
day, every day, untill I die. See Greg's article "Why I Hate the Dwarves"
for more info ;-)

DragonNewts: They stand stone-still for 300 years, then they march
backwards around my house 3 times, give me a completely ordinary pebble, and
carve wierd runes into Uncle Ralph...
Broo: EVERYONE hates THEM ;-)
Newtlings: Well, it's hard to hate someone with such a yummy tail...
Newtlings are OK.
Ducks: Stinky cigars, you can't understand a word they say, they
always spit when they talk... (but good with Orange Sauce)
Merfolk: Arrogant Bas##rds keep sinking my ship if I don't throw all
the best cargo overboard...
Maidstone Archers: Who? what? aw, they don't even exist!

Making the Elder Races all chummy would completely destroy any semblance of
"realistic" psychology that they might have. Thats fine for D&D, but it's
not (at least IMO) right for glorantha. The beauty of glorantha is that all
the "monsters" have a context. You simply won't find 45 BugBears with no
food standing around in a 40' by 40' room, on the off chance that an
adventurer might come by. Even the evil NPC ZZ Death Lord has a Mommy who
Love(s/d) him.

I'm dreadfully sorry if this topic has been done to death, but true to my
trollish nature, I find that beating a dead horse makes the meat just that
much tastier...

Humans in the RW have proven utterly Incapable of Peacefully Coexisting with
Other Humans... WHY would they be able to Peacefully Coexist with <Insert
Elder Race>?

NOTE: Glorantha DOES have Black Elves, who get along reasonably well with
the UZ. But that is definately (and deservedly) the exeption and not the
rule. (and might just be an artifact of nobody bothering to give the poor
'shroomies any real thought ;-)

</Silly Rant>

my apologies to anyone offended by either my waste of bandwidth, or my
interpretation of RW history and current events...



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