Chits and dragons

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Date: Tue 20 Jan 1998 - 19:43:25 EET

Daniel, through Adept, said something like this:
> stain. Maybe the die had been dropped in a coffee cup and when he went =
> fish it out he dropped it again, trying to catch it on the way down, =
but only
> succeeded in causing it to bounce and slide along the board as describe=
        That would also explain the following passage in the rules of the
Dragon Pass boardgame.

"16.13.1. Allying the puppeteers
- -..The puppeteers and four blank counters are placed in a cup. (Warning; =
a clean and dry cup. Your opponent gains a significant psychological adva=
if you drop the counters into a cup full of coffee)"
(page 22?)

        More than one set of Finnish gamers (and probably other nationalities,
too) have laughed themselves silly after reading that. AH or not, are the=
re really
the kind of players who need to be told THAT!

One more thing. Somehow; I have never managed to think Dendara as an eart=
h goddess.
In my books, she is a "good wife"-goddess or, as I like to say, Dendara =
cult is a
training ground for "wifes for display purposes only - no brains, no will=
Considering this cult as a "copy" of Ernalda has never made sense to me. =

        I would make her a new name for Kralori purposes, though...

Death to Argrath!
Vesa "Aku" Lehtinen


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