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From: Mikko Rintasaari (
Date: Tue 20 Jan 1998 - 21:57:16 EET

I apologize for the long quoutations on this one.
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> Back to the point though, saying a primitive mindset has sex for the
> sole pleasure of making babies is absurd.

Hoboy. Time to be an academic bastard again.

I did _not_ say that trolls don't find sex pleasurable. I said they think
the _pleasure_they_feel_ derives from the fact that KL is pleased.

> I think trolls view the pleasure of sex
> deriving directy from the fact that Kyger Litor is pleased when they
> attempt to make little Uz.

And the other thing.

> This is how animistic people on earth saw things...

An example of the early Greeks animistic beliefs.
It's cold and miserable at night, because the Night is a vindicative and
evil thing that doesn't like you. It's warm in the sunshine, because the
Sun is thinking nice toughts about you. And so on...

And, trolls _are_not_ humans. They are an animistic culture of nonhumans,
and to make assumtions about them from the point of view of modern humans
doesn't do them justice.

> Sex is fun, and a very potent
> hormonal drive. Evolution, DNA or not is going to favor those with strong
> reproductive urges, these urges are not an altruistic preservation of the
> race, they are a strong pressure that is released through sex.

Not exactly. Selection favors the individual whose reproductive behaviour
results in many healthy offspring. This doesn't have to mean aggressive
sexuality... in fact, since the female Uz is bigger, stronger and higher
in the social pecking order, aggressive/energetic sexual behaviour on the
males part will propably result in rejection (or a lot worse). There are
exeptions of course, but in general it's the female Uz who take who they
  Biologically speaking the trolls are a larger, slower breeding and
longer lived race than humans. This means they fall more to the k-strategy
of breeding than humans, that is "high care investment". I'm sure Sandy,
as a fellow biologist, has tought of this, and indeed the Troll Pack tells
us about the intensely protective child rearing of the Uz.
  This means that the "bang-and-go" strategy that works quite well for the
human male doesn't work quite so good for a male Uz. Male Uz have to
compeat for the favour of the females... and the rules are pretty much set
by the whim of the female.

> Freedom from perversions in the noble savage is another piece of
> Victorian B.S. Primitive cultures have displayed most of modern sexual
> disfunction, at least those that don't require advanced technology. Hell,
> animals have been observed performing same sex coupling of either gender,
> including rape, or at least going through the motions with female to
> female.
> I suspect that trolls are no better and no worse than the Yelmi, or the
> Swedes. (Sorry, I couldn't resist)
> Allen

Im sorry Allen, but are you still talking about the Uz? They are not
primitive darkskinned humans. They are another sapient species.

        -Mikko, the Adept


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