Blank Heroes?

From: Osentalka (
Date: Tue 20 Jan 1998 - 23:15:06 EET

Hello Folks,=0A=0ARichard writes=0A<< It seems to me, as I read more and =
more Gloranthan material, that the=0A<< heroes of the Hero Wars are not g=
oing to be (my) PCs. It was probably a=0A<< section in the Genertela box =
which crystalised this for me where you're=0A<< advised not to let your P=
Cs even interact with the likes of Arkat,=0A<< Jareel (sp? - the Lunar la=
ss) and so on.=0A=0AIMHO, that should not be a problem. =0AAs far as i kn=
ow Chaosium/Issaries will publish information concerning the=0AHero Wars =
only up to 1625 S.T. (At least that was their statement a year ago).=0A=
=0AAll the events described in KoS (the only larger source of the future =
of=0AGlorantha) are written from the view of a few people (and very vague=
, too).=0A=0AThere is enaugh space for your PC=B4s to be, for instance:=
=0A- Conspirators of the Dragon rising of 1625=0A- Major Persons of the s=
acking of Pavis 1624=0A- the Slayers of King Mularik, the Cruel, of Tarsh=
 in 1640(?)=0A- etc=0Aand of course, involved in the Cradle incident of 1=
621.=0A=0AAnd don=B4t forget: =0AMost of the events we know of are only s=
et in Dragon Pass. You have a whole=0Aworld to explore. Your PC=B4s could=
 turn into heroes at various places.=0A=0ACheers=0A=0AAndre Jarosch=0A


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