Dendara & other elemental matters

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Date: Wed 21 Jan 1998 - 00:25:54 EET

Peter Metcalfe:

>One has to remember that the Pelorians do not accept the five
>elemental cosmology of the Malkioni and the Theyalans. So even
>though Yelm is a massive cult, his priests would not necessarily
>recognize the elements as they exist in the RQ3 sense.

That may be overdoing it a bit. The five elements may
not have a _central_ position in Pelorian philosophy,
but it's rather hard to not recognize something which
has undeniable physical manifestations aka elementals.


Carl Fink:
> > Er, when did Dendara become a goddess of the Air?

> In Melbourne, January, 1996, when Entekosiad made its debut. In fact, I
> rember asking Greg - "What's this? Dendara a sky goddess?"
> And he said someting very like: "Yep. Sorry. It had to be. All the
> earlier references to her being an earth goddess are wrong. Or maybe
> misrepresentations from other cultures. She is a sky diety."

Confusion gets worse. Sky or air? Sky goddess she was
all the time, being Yelm's spouse, having the Light
rune in GoG etc. And isn't one of the conclusions of
the Entekosiad that Dendara isn't _quite_ Entekos?

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