Dendara non est hoc...

From: Mark Sabalauskas (
Date: Wed 21 Jan 1998 - 02:05:09 EET

> rember asking Greg - "What's this? Dendara a sky goddess?"
> And he said someting very like: "Yep. Sorry. It had to be. All the
> earlier references to her being an earth goddess are wrong. Or maybe
> misrepresentations from other cultures. She is a sky diety."

        Humph! Typical. We objectivists *warned* you, but
would you listen--no!
        Of course, things could be even more complicated, had
Karsdevan had more guts, and not listened to the "wise men". :-)

> It seems to me, as I read more and more Gloranthan material, that the
> heroes of the Hero Wars are not going to be (my) PCs. It was probably a
> section in the Genertela box which crystalised this for me where you're
        I'd like to second Nick's good advice, and also to add
a few suggestions. You might want to take a look at how
Pendragon handles the issue of having player characters do
interesting and important things in a setting where the
actions of well defined NPCs a driving an intricate
meta-storyline. The Boy King (which has just been released)
might be particularly instructive in this regard.
        Also, it's possible you might want to consider
lowering your expectations as to how closely you want to stick

to "the story" as revealed in "official" publications. Even
if one spends a lot off effort towards that end, one can still

get "gregged" and be faced with the difficulting of retconing
all the PCs or NPCs who have the misfortune of worshiping some

sun god or the other. The fact that you've already spent time
thinking these things through suggests to me that you're
probably a good gamemaster. Trust your instincts and the
internal logic of the story you and your players will be
creating together.


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