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From: Jane Williams (
Date: Wed 21 Jan 1998 - 01:46:08 EET

Richard said:
> Well, I read and I read and I read and I never seem to reach the end of
> all the information available on Glorantha.
Me too. Keep trying - another ten years may do it.

> ... (the Giant Cradle) - an event
> which I would definately want my adventurers involved in. I don't
> understand why that scenario was not re-published - I feel any Pavis

> campaign set at 1621 is sabotaged without it.
I thought this until I actually got to read it. It's a linear-plot
Lunar-bash. Very tough, but requiring zero PC initiative. Try setting
your campaign back to 1616 or so (the original Borderlands date),
then you've got five game years to play with. Or even earlier.

> So - I'm thinking of starting things up in Pent - since it feels almost
> a blank land whose only contribution to the Gloranthan saga is the
> occasional invasion by the (mongol) barbarian hordes.
I thought this myself. The collection of all I could find on Pent is at:
Nothing new or exciting, but it may help.

> Pent seems like a good place to transport the AH Vikings box set. This
> is all pretty self-contained stuff which could be made reasonably
> Gloranthan (or at least not non-Gloranthan). I like a Scandinavian look
> and feel.
In Pent??? Surely Mongols, Skythians, or some other horse-nomad type
would be more suited to the place. I don't remember any Scandanavian
horse nomads myself - anyone want to tell me about some?

If you want Scandanavian, surely you need a land/sea mix with no horses.
The Wolf Pirates are Hollywood Vikings, of course, or Heortland would be
the next closest I can think of. (I prefer Joerg's version, but your
tastes may differ).

On Blank Heroes and Blank Deeds: how about killing the Bat? We all know
it was defeated at Whitewall, but has the method or the list of
combatants ever been made official? Maybe Broyan got your PCs to do the

Who actually was it who summoned the Brown Dragon? We know a few of the
names, but not all: maybe they were PCs?

Jane Williams


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