Re: The Glorantha Digest V5 #340

From: allen wallace (
Date: Wed 21 Jan 1998 - 02:15:42 EET

Pam Carlson

>Dara Happan urbanites view Uleria as scandalous, because they view any

>female with free-will as scandalous. (And most males, to boot!) In my

>Ulerians run taverns & spas. They provide harmony, comfort, and an

>atmosphere of goodwill and peace, but rarely sex. An Ulerian my offer

>to a person as the Ultimate Connection, but only as she pleases; someone

>going in and looking for is is sure to be disappointed.

I like this much better than my spur of the moment thought tyinng midwives
to Uleria, but it still doesnt work in the third aspect backing the
reprodoce spell, which is at the moment the best human fertility magic.
Any ideas?

> Prostitution is not fun, or necessary, or cute. Prostitution is to sex

>what vivsection is to Peaceful Cut. Think carefully about where it

>in your Glorantha, and even more carefully before you have it sanctioned

>Uleria, one of the most ancient and powerful deities in Glorantha - and

>source of life.

Thank you, I hadnt been able to intellegently verbalize my annoyance with
the whole idiotic Uleria prostitute connections people have been making.
Priestesses are not prostitutes. Anyone who has made even a cursory
research into RW temple prostitutes has discovered these women are
prostitutes owned by the temple, to call them priestesses is demeaning all

the way around.



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