Re:Onslaught controversy

Date: Wed 21 Jan 1998 - 00:33:51 EET

Nick comments:
>we saw in the age-old Onslaught controversy, adding a "sufficiently
>powerful Hero" to your Glorantha almost inevitably results in its
>divergence from the generally-accepted norm. Few of us, I expect,
>run games where the likes of Onslaught would face the slightest
>challenge from established opposition: as described by Martin, he
>is powerful enough to single-handedly achieve tasks that would be
>all but impossible for any of the PCs I'm familiar with -- not to
>mention the likes of Argrath, Aelwrin, etc., none of whom are so
>inhumanly *powerful* IMO

Aelwrin and Argrath would both defeat Onslaught at a drinking contest, bo=

are incomparably better at shagging and both are far more likely to win "=
Personality" contests that Onslaught as the latter doesn't have a
personality as such (or at least one that society would recognise as bein=

If you're talking pure combat power then sure but that ALL Onslaught does=

so he should be good at it.

Martin Laurie


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