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From: Nils Weinander (
Date: Wed 21 Jan 1998 - 08:55:53 EET


> And the Pelorians can summon Lunes and Selenes. Yet the
> Orlanthi do not recognize those as elements. So why should
> the Pelorians recognize the appearance of an sylph, say, as
> proof positive that storm is a basic element of the cosmos

Good point, but...

The Orlanthings have only seen lunes since the advent
in their environs of the lunars, a hundred-odd years
ago or whatever. The Pelorians have had the five
elements around them since the formation of the universe.

In contrast with the five elements, the lunar element
does not have a mundane physical manifestation other
than the rather inaccessible moon.

I never said that the Pelorians perceive the elements
as the _only_ basic principles of the universe, just
that the elements as such are really hard to ignore.

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