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Date: Wed 21 Jan 1998 - 11:39:41 EET

Carl responds to me:

>> I think the advice in the Genertela Book is wrong, wrong, wrong
>> (if it meant "don't let [Heroes] interact with PCs")...

> Absolutely correct. For that matter, one published scenario has
> the players encounter (an) Argrath-in-disguise.

Mind you, Chaosium have never let their submissions guidelines
change the way they do things. We laughed ourselves sick when we
read the passage that said, in effect, "Don't try to write people
with funny accents into your scenarios: they always look silly!"
As if all those Mummerset Cthulhu voice-overs were by some other,
less enlightened games company... "Oi be froightened, zurr."

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Nils responds to Peter Metcalfe:

>> One has to remember that the Pelorians do not accept the five
>> elemental cosmology of the Malkioni and the Theyalans.

> That may be overdoing it a bit. The five elements may not have
> a _central_ position in Pelorian philosophy, but it's rather
> hard to not recognize something which has undeniable physical
> manifestations aka elementals

Ah: so everyone now needs a seven-elemental system: the five we
all knew about, plus the Red and Blue Moons? (After all, they do
have undeniable physical manifestations).

It's easy to categorise something out of existence: the Selenes,
Shades, Sylphs and Lunes "aren't proper Elementals" for whatever
reason suits your cosmology. Just make up a category definition
that defines them *out*.

(It's what everyone else does re: Gorp -- the Chaos Elementals --
after all...).

Were-Ralph asks:

> Just a quickie, How do you all pronounce Genertela?

IMO, it has a hard 'G', with the stress falling on the first and
third syllables:


The god's name is pronounced GEN-ert (GoG Prosopaedia) -- hard 'G'
as in 'Gata' (NB: "all" consonants are hard in Gloranthan names,
per Prosopaedia pronunciation guidelines: if it'd been "Jenert",
it'd have been spelled that way).

I've also heard people stressing the second syllable:


Though I think the stress on the deity's name should carry through.

But we have been known to slip: when playing "Speed Prax", late at
night at the Chicago RQ-Con, it came out closer to "Genitalia". And
we all wondered why Greg had chosen that name for his wasted and
desolate land -- shades of T.S.Eliot?... :-)

Mark S. writes:

> You might want to consider lowering your expectations as to how
> closely you want to stick to "the story" as revealed in "official"
> publications. Even if one spends a lot off effort towards that end,
> one can still get "gregged" and be faced with the difficulties of
> retconning all the PCs or NPCs who have the misfortune of worship-
> ing some sun god or the other... Trust your instincts and the
> internal logic of the story you and your players will be creating
> together.

All excellent advice, though I don't quite understand the bit about
"retconning" -- when did this ever become necessary? (After all, no
matter how you slice the cake, KoS leaves us with a familiar-looking
Yelmalio cult extant throughout the last two or three generations of

recent history, modern Sartarite worshippers of "Yelmalio", etc.).
Unless this is a ref to the Dara Happan stuff... where, again, I
can't see significant changes to previously-known Sun Gods. (All
that we knew about Yelm prior to GRAY/FS is still valid, AFAIK).

Martin L. writes:

> Aelwrin and Argrath would both defeat Onslaught at a drinking
> contest, both are incomparably better at shagging...

Cf. the "Ballad of Beat-Pot Aelwrin" on my home page for the story
of Aelwrin's early mastery of this extremely vital art. Learned at
the hands (etc.) of Jar-Eel the Razoress.

One wonders when the first bawdy Argrath ballad will be written.
There's got to be some mileage in him shagging the Feathered Horse
Queen, after all... ("hung like a" jokes, etc. etc.)

Note to Jeff Richard: "shagging" and "snogging" *aren't* the same

Nick Bawdy Ballad about Beat-Pot Aelwrin (and other stuff) @
:::: <>


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