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Date: Wed 21 Jan 1998 - 12:04:35 EET

Richard whoever wrote about starting a campaign
> Well, I read and I read and I read and I never seem to reach the end =
> all the information available on Glorantha.
        Personally I prefer to set my campaigns in a
less Gregged regions. That's also why I am not into
beginning yet another Orlanthi campaign set into
Dragon Pass. But remember; whatever you do, your
campaign is bound to be different from any kind of of norm.
        I have yet to run a published scenario where
my players would have done what the scenario expects
them to do. If you would do the unlikely thing of, say,
running exactly the scenarios the Greg has run, PCs do
differently anyway because they are played by different
players and make different decisions. And all this diverges
your campaign from any kind of official campaign.

> Pent seems like a good place to transport the AH Vikings box set.
        WHAT !?!?!? However, the others have already
set the same thing I wanted to say and probably better.
        And if you really want AD&D Drows, I do not see
the problem. But IMO they would fit better in Dorastor with
other weird Elves; black-skinned aldryami with ties to
giant spiders.

Nick Brooke, however, answered that
> I think the advice in the Genertela Book is wrong, wrong, wrong (if
> it meant "don't let them interact with PCs"): what's the point of
> playing in Glorantha if you can't meet up with the Greatest Living
> Gloranthans?=7F
        Right; I have let my players meet Androgenus
(character probably thrice Gregged by now but I like the
idea). And even if most PCs do not end up being, for
example, Jareel's bodyguards (because many players
like to play somewhat "anarchistic" campaign where
their characters go around) they are sure to witness
their actions or see them or even meet them when seeking

> Not doing something for fear of imminent publication is rather
> self-defeating.
        Right; Besides, nowadays I am less concerned
of being Gregged than being Brooked, in fact.

Richard whoever
> The Giant Cradle [is] an event which I would definately want my
> adventurers involved in. I don't understand why that scenario was
> not re-published...
for which Lady Jane commented
>I thought this until I actually got to read it. It's a linear-plot
>Lunar-bash. Very tough, but requiring zero PC initiative.
        I agree for different reasons. Cradle is an all-combat
scen with lots of troops statistics, mass combat, and zero
importance for PC actions. And I am not fond of all-combat
scens anyway

Daniel McCluskey
> Where is it that people get the idea that it is somehow "natural" not =
> want to kill your neighbors? There certainly is NO real-world preceden=
t for
> Long-Term peaceful coexistance of substantially different peoples.
        I agree most of what McCluskey says and this comment
is not of Glorantha but my own philosophy; IRW, at the very least
we should *try*!
        And in fact, the amount of hates between Americans you
mentioned does confirm what an average Finn thinks about
Americans; that an average "jenkki" is a member of NRA, Ku
Klux Klan and Christian Radical Militia and wants to shoot
everybody who looks different.

        I am not quite sure what you refer to when you talk
about Onslaught, but there are other kind of examples of
what GURPS calls combat monsters.
> If there's
>no cultural problems, who in their right mind wouldn't play a Green Elf?
>I'm sure some of it must be game balance
        There's a friend of mine who at least played a green
elf for many years with a mixed band of sorcerer, Light Son
and a shaman in someone else's campaign. They used
Maurer's heroquest rules. In one point the elf was powerful
enough to make things grow at the touch, create teleport
gates with war trees and play a laser cannon with his palm.
They destroyed one Castle of Lead and a one lunar sorcerer
school. (Ouch)

Ralph Plowman
> How do you all pronounce Genertela?
> Does it have a hard or soft G.
        When I am speaking Finnish, I am using hard G.
When I am speaking English, I am using soft G. This follows
the line of Cyprus (English) and Kypros (Finnish), the name
of the same island pronounced differently in different languages.
        Reputedly our Italian brethen also pronounce the names
of the gods differently from the English pronounciation. Finnish
version are likely to even more weird.

That's all
Death to Argrath
Vesa "Aku" Lehtinen.


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