The hand that robs the cradle

From: richard (
Date: Wed 21 Jan 1998 - 15:51:33 EET

Ok - I take the point that the Cradle scenario in Pavis was probably too
"mega" to be of much use directly in a campaign.

However, could I, reaslistically, have characters wondering around in
the area without me, let alone them, knowing what's going on. Surely
everyone in the Pavis / Zola Fel area would know day by day what was
happening, everybody would be talking about it, and there'd be large
numbers of spin-off adventures coming out of it.

I'm sure someone will oblige me by giving me a basic run-down of events,
but that will only be good enough if my PCs are sufficiently far away
that that run-down is all they could possibly know.

I still feel uncombfortable setting myself up in Pavis at 1621 without
"Pavis". 5 years earlier, as was suggested, could be ok though.



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