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Date: Wed 21 Jan 1998 - 16:07:12 EET

Mikko Rintasaari:

>Oh yes! I almost forgot. I think the only _males_ to commit rape among
>the Uz come from among the ZZ. This is not "perverted" as such, since
>biologically it is still an attempt to reproduce.

Given the Uz view on all things chaotic, IMO this is *extremely*
unlikely (following the past discussion re the act of rape being
- -consciously or not - an act of Thed worship).

PS - I like the worried troll conversation!

Peter Metcalfe:

>>*why* the Aldryami moved to Pavis.

>Perhaps they moved there to provide a retirement home for his
>beloved mother. Pavis would then just have to walk to Green
>Hill from the Real City to see her instead of having to make
>the long journey to Adari.

Excellent! Along with Daniel McCluskey's "reasons I hate [insert race
of choice]" it's good to see that there is some humour and good feeling
between the people on this digest. It makes a great change from the
insults and flame wars that have been posted here over the last two
years or so that I've been around.

I just thought it was worth commenting on.


A smiley Arf

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