Mongols, Vikings and Pent

From: richard (
Date: Wed 21 Jan 1998 - 16:35:40 EET

Peter Metcalfe's suggestions about Bija sounded absolutely wonderful -
thank you very much. I'll try to work some of that through and post on
here. i'm also grateful for the email suggestions I've received.

I would like to suggest a few things about mongols and Pent (apologies
for mistakes in my Earth history and Gloranthan ignorance):

It seems to me that Pent really ought to be a more interesting place
than I have hitherto worked out. Not only did they successfully invade
the Lunar Empire in the past, they're about to have another go now.

Now the idea that a civilisation could mount such an assault 'on a
shoestring' - so to speak - doesn't seem right to me. The Pentians must
actually be quite rich in order to equip their armies, and given the
lack of natural resources in Pent this wealth must have come about
through trade.

Now I believe that ties in with the mongol parallel well. If we have a
similar situation with Kralorela and our own Far East, then maybe there
is a thriving spice industry taking place through Pent. If the
Kralorelans have exotic spices then I'm sure there'll be an enourmous

market for them in the Lunar Empire.

The Pentians, being half Kralorelan, could deal successfully with the
Kralorelans in the east (though I know little of the kingdom of
ignorance). Much better than the animal nomads who, ISTM, get told by

the Kralorelans to bugger off at that one little pass in the mountains
to the east of the Wastes.

So there could be spice caravans trecking across Pent, with some rich
Khans raking off the profits in the middle. Following the parallel with
Mongolia a bit more, there could be a Xanadu (or two) - centers of art
and learning - with some lunar Marco Polos travelling back and forth.

There wouldn't be much chance of the lunar empire trying to extend the
glowline to any of these places - so apart from providing an invasion at
the start of the hero wars it needn't affect them.

Given the Battle of the Nights of Horror, but the apparent resurgeance
of the Pentians, there could be both old ruined Xanadus and new thriving
ones. Lots of possibilities for adventuring.

One last thing, of course, there would have to be a fairly strong Trade
God in place.

So how about it? Spice Caravans, rich horse nomads dressed / armoured in
all sorts of foreign gear, beautiful new cities full of scholars from
around the world, haunted ruined cities full of forgotten artifacts from
around the world, and so on.



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