Elder races (I'm being ganged upon again!)

From: Pasanen Panu (passo@students.cc.tut.fi)
Date: Wed 21 Jan 1998 - 18:33:26 EET

 James Frusetta:

> The *elder races* are also racist bastards. You're an elf that likes human
> ways too much? You're declared rootless. You're a dwarf that likes humans?
> Heretic. You're a troll that wants to live in a hooman village? Good luck
> making your Kyger Litor ceremonies. The elder races have their own
> cultures -- why should they be tainted by hoomans?

 Why the humans would not have accepted the elder race culture? This
 makes definite distinction to most fantasy worlds, AFAIK. The elder
 races, after all, are elder and thus wiser.

 I do _not_ like the idea of everyone liking each other on Glorantha,
 even when Red Goddess saying so, but with all that interaction and
 similar cults, some people should just see the darkness/plant/stone.

 Peter Metcalfe:
> > Why does it have to be so in Glorantha? They could very well _not_
> > be racistic bastards, or at least towards some friendly elder race.
> Look at the typical human-human interactions in glorantha: The Dara
> Happans hate the Darjiinites. The Pentans are hated by the Pelorians,

 So they do. But they do not _hate everyone_. Many cultures should,
 and do hate some elder races/human groups, while they have lots
 better relations with some others. Why could the Darjinites gang
 on Alkothi with some alien allies, say, aldryami? Elves would
 like to revenge to the burner..

> every one of those territories* and to top it all the humans are
> friendly towards this Elder Race (or two) whereas they can't be friendly
> to each other even if their lives depended on it. How in glorantha is
> this miracle going to happen?

 I did not say, that all humans should be friendly. Just some.
> *The Morokanth don't count because they're confined to Prax and the
> Wastelands, the Ducks are confined to swamps, Elves don't count cause
> they live in different ecological zones etc due to the limited
> imagination of the authors.

 See? They're put out of sight on purpose, so there would be less
 interaction (and that would then be wonderful and adventurous).
 Sure, if authors would have wanted so, the elder
 races could live on lands like mankind.

> >> The current distribution of the Elder Races in glorantha has been
> >> an unconcious extension of this philosophy [of suppressing the
> >> Elder Races].
> > That's _exactly_ my point.
> So? What else do you realistically expect gloranthan humans to do
> given that they can't be nice to each _other_?

 Oh, I seem to have misinterpreted your sentence. Look, putting
 trolls to dark places is like imagining monsters under your
 bed in the night. And like thinking that the abandoned house
 is haunted. So usual, and, somewhat boring.

> > And people therein are happy, and more Gloranthan than the others, IMO.
> How can people be less gloranthan if they hate elder races?

 Did not say so. But you could substitute Joe from RW to a human
 village, and he would not be seeing any more monsters than
 here. Interaction with realistic alien races is interesting.
 Even if it happens in Draconlance worlds. But I feel, that for
 example the Kitori are very uniquely Gloranthan. Moreso than
 Harry the Orlanthi tribesman.


> > And people therein are happy, and more Gloranthan than the others.
> Only if being "more Gloranthan" means being "less natural", or "less
> human" to put a finer point on it. And I dislike this assumption. To

 Gloranthan humans are not supposed to be RW humans, even if their
 cultures are inspired by RW examples, right?

 Panu Pasanen.


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