Giants and Fish-Folk and Spiders, Oh My!

From: Daniel McCluskey (Volt Computer) (
Date: Wed 21 Jan 1998 - 21:10:51 EET

richard asked about a Gloranthan setting for the Giants/Drow Modules, and
loving Trolls as I do ;-) just have to point out that they would be
perfectly suited to ocur in the (Rockwood? no map with me, and a brain like
a seive) mountains north of Dagori Inkarth, and would of course end up in
CliffHome, where Crag(Lolth)spider spins her dire webs.

The Giants, are of course bog-standard giants, the Kua-Tao(I REALLY hope I
spelled that wrong, I'd hate to have to admit remembering THAT) could be
warped dragonnewts or newtlings or even Sea Trolls. The Dark Elves, can
become gloranthan Black Elves, (just subtract 2d6 from thier SIZ, and
consider the Illustrations to be what THEY think they look like ;-) or, ADD
2d6 to siz, and give them some big teeth, trade those purty li'l hand
crossbows for slings, and they are Dark Trolls. (same applies for the
Illus... )

voila! instant gloranthan adventure!

and by all means, don't let US persuade you not to do it! If Greg can kill
off the Devil with a d6, and toss in Uncle Scrooge on a whim, YOU have every
right to Plug in whatever works for you. There is no NEED to keep
everything "correct," unless you intend to publish the results. Even then,
you can use the adventures, (that series especially) and keep the rest of
your setting "correct" There is no reason that Cragspider couldn't be Lolth
in YOUR glorantha, and all the rest of the world stay "correct."

Just don't Let us scholers know about yer schenanigans with old suplements
from that OTHER GAME (ack! spit! Greg Preaserve Us!) and everything will
work out fine.

I personally think it'll fit in with a minimum of modification, and a
minimum of impact on other areas of the world.



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