From: Steve Rennell (
Date: Thu 22 Jan 1998 - 01:53:53 EET

Nick wrote:

> I don't quite understand the bit about "retconning" -- when did
> this ever become necessary?

Especially considering KoS has several different (and incompatible)
stories about what Argrath was up to at any one time. The only
instance that comes to mind is that in one place it says Argrath was
fighting on the Cradle, and in another place it says he was hiding in
the city avoiding trouble at the time of the Cradle. Which one
is right? Does it matter?

I've decided that the KoS stories are just Legends, and what actually
happened is different from the stories. If the players do something
incompatible with the stories, that doesn't mean that the stories
change, just that the stories (even eyewitness accounts) are
mistaken. But that's not really unusual...

Practically If Gareth Quicksword get's wacked in the Cradle scenario,
then he obviously wasn't really Argrath. No retconning necessary,
just rationalisation.



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